In today’s market, where Business Centres and Shared Business Spaces are spacing out the trend of traditional office set-up, there are cases, where choosing a shared office space is not really a game changing thing for you. When this corporate hub promises to offer you variety of facilities and services, there are many things which are not informed until asked. Once you have discussed the same, ask:  Space Setup Cost:  Delhi     Read More

College is always fun, but what to do once you graduate? This question is quick to arise in your mind. Colleges do provide placements. However, not everyone has the same opinion. Some would want 9-6 jobs, some want to join politics, may be media, and others would like to start their own business. College is the best place to start thinking about this, as you have enough time to plan. Have a start-up plan, get your friends into it and find how you will take it further. If you don’t have an idea to start, then follow any of these. They’re easy to start, manage and can give you great returns. Shoe Wash Company People are now more conscious about the way they look, from head to toe. Clean shoes are a major priority fo... Read More

For an entrepreneur, it is necessary to have a far-sighted vision, creative abilities and solution seeking approach. Banking on these traits, an entrepreneur should be able to come up with a great product or service that the customer wants and is ready to pay for. But, how does financial management matter when there exists a strong product base on the other hand? The experts would surely prefer to save money in either of the conditions as they know it takes time for the market to see the true worth of the product. However, to keep the business afloat it is good to have some money saving tips on hand, like the following ones.Barter Professional ServicesFor an entrepreneur, the most difficult part is to get funding for start-up and there are many opti... Read More

India is set to become the youngest country within the next 5 years. While every third person in India is a youth, the good news is that the youth is all geared up to make India the new arena for start-ups. New graduates from engineering and management schools look forward to start their own ventures and become entrepreneurs rather than taking up the conventional job route. This has led to the emergence of a number of new start-ups and businesses across various industrial verticals.The ScenarioThe statistics as per a latest survey by Mancer Consulting, an executive search firm show that the number of young entrepreneurs coming up with their own start-ups, instead of goin... Read More

Every company looks for right office interiors that can improve productivity of the employees. But, there are few companies which are taking this exercise quiet seriously and welcoming the new concept of Open Office Layouts. Many of the ad agencies across the world are promoting the open door policy, see why!No Cubicle StructureUnlike the traditional setup of offices, where managers and above get their well-designed cubicles, Open Office Layout provides same seating arrangements to all. Starting from the CEO of the company to the most junior employee, everyone shares the same space and work sitting next to each other. The BBDO India chairman and chief creative officer (CCO) Josy Paul said, “Great ideas are shaped by people and ideas become better if... Read More

Internet is one of the fantastic products of the human mind. It solves almost every problem, has answer to almost all the queries and now you know how to use it to earn money. There are a large number of ideas you can start working on to earn from the internet. Are you looking for some new ways of earning? If yes, here are some innovative ideas to earn money from Internet. Yes, we are talking about the internet, which you use every now and then.Go through the list and see which suits you the best.1. Become an AffiliateAffiliates are like resellers. If you have the art of selling in you, become an affiliate and get commission for every product you sell or promote. You do not have to own... Read More

Unfortunately, ill-bred and bad-mannered co-workers exist at virtually every workplace and communicating with them can put a major impact on your mood. As you deal with this problem especially when you work in a business center, it's important to not let their behavior hurt you. Industrial psychologists suggest even though it affects your day, never let it come between your work and productivity.Are you one of them who is not sure how to react with such ill-mannered behavior? Then apply the below-mentioned tips to get in a better position to deal with it. Don’t let it affect you personally: The employees who are regularly condescending to their coworkers with harsh comments may be overcompensating for their confidence and a senti... Read More

In the race of filling wealth pots, co-working space industry is booming immensely. The small as well as big organizations are coming to demand for more space and this is giving lead to co-working rentals space. The model of shared workspace expands one’s abilities irrespective of the fact the organization is based in exposed or unexposed city.Locally, Regus, Avanta, Apeejay and DBS among others are the key contributors who are catering the needs of topnotch companies year-by-year. Referring to the past two-three year’s stats, it is visible that the industry has seen up to a 20% increase in the demand of flexible workspace by companies.Inexpensive Co-working Faciliti... Read More

Ditching the chair and standing up in company conferences improves higher collaboration in teams by increasing engagement and flow of ideas, researchers at Washington University have found.Sitting on your chair for long periods is the main cause for backaches and alternative health issues. However, have you ever thought that sitting on a chair for long can hamper your creativeness too? Researchers believe that!Chairs could seem like a wonderful plan for long conferences; however, they really make you territorial and groggy. As per the analysis done by Washington University academicians, standing up throughout company conferences will stimulate folks each mentally and physically. Standing meetings can make your employees more focused, alert, and artist... Read More

Virtual offices could be your answer if you are looking for cost-effective alternative to fixed office spaces. You should select your virtual office carefully as it will affect your business growth in many ways. Check for factors like additional virtual office services offered, flexibility in terms of service packages and tenure allowed and don’t forget the importance of location of your virtual office.Some people believe that because it is all virtual, the location does not hold any importance. It is a misconception, which contradicts one of the prime benefits of the virtual offices, i.e., the address. Virtual offices provide a prestigious address to your business and t... Read More

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