6 College StartUp Ideas

6 College StartUp Ideas

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College is always fun, but what to do once you graduate? This question is quick to arise in your mind. Colleges do provide placements. However, not everyone has the same opinion. Some would want 9-6 jobs, some want to join politics, may be media, and others would like to start their own business. College is the best place to start thinking about this, as you have enough time to plan.

Have a start-up plan, get your friends into it and find how you will take it further. If you don’t have an idea to start, then follow any of these. They’re easy to start, manage and can give you great returns.

Shoe Wash Company

People are now more conscious about the way they look, from head to toe. Clean shoes are a major priority for many. Gain knowledge of chemicals that keep the shoes clean and maintained and market your business in the right way. This business is sure to have many customers, as there is not much competition.

Grocery Delivery Services

Nowadays, there is doorstep delivery of almost everything. But, it is still rare to find grocery delivery at your doorstep. No one wants to spend weekends standing in long queues at the supermarkets, so the idea to deliver grocery items at doorsteps is surely going to work. Polish your logistic skills and know where your target audience lies and you are ready to start the services.

Plan Weddings

India is known for its big fat weddings. There is a lot of work to do to make Indian weddings bigger and fatter. As lifestyles have changed, people they want to have grand weddings, but don’t have time to spend on the preparations. Here comes the role of wedding planners. You just need to build contacts that can help you in this business and loads of creative ideas.

Take Care Of Babies

You must have a love for babies and the ability to handle them for this business. As more nuclear families are coming up with both the parents working, baby sitters are on high demand. Start with your friends and nearby colonies. Look for customers within your friend circle and known ones and build credibility and confidence among parents.

Housekeeping Services

Small business owners or those who run home based businesses usually don’t find enough time to look after the maintenance of their house. You can help them if you have good communication and man management skills.

Write Resumes

If you have the skills to present things well and put the best angle forward, this idea is just what you need. Write resumes for fresh job seekers and help them to highlight their qualifications in a way to attract career opportunities.

A pool of ideas is lying out there, waiting for you to work on them. So grab the one that suits you the best and get set go!

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