New Research Shows Standing Meetings Can Improve Employee Productivity

New Research Shows Standing Meetings Can Improve Employee Productivity

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Ditching the chair and standing up in company conferences improves higher collaboration in teams by increasing engagement and flow of ideas, researchers at Washington University have found.

Sitting on your chair for long periods is the main cause for backaches and alternative health issues. However, have you ever thought that sitting on a chair for long can hamper your creativeness too? Researchers believe that!

Chairs could seem like a wonderful plan for long conferences; however, they really make you territorial and groggy. As per the analysis done by Washington University academicians, standing up throughout company conferences will stimulate folks each mentally and physically. Standing meetings can make your employees more focused, alert, and artistic.

Researchers at Washington University say that, “A workspace that encourages folks to stand up can lead to a lot of cooperative and artistic outputs.”

But how do standing meetings improve productivity?

According to the researchers, standing meetings facilitate collaboration in teams with less territoriality and more engagement. They’re physiologically activating, i.e., they get your bodies ready to work. Standing conferences additionally decrease the degree to which individuals in a group shield their own ideas from being modified by others.

What should be the duration of standing meetings?

The researchers at Washington University studied teams that worked for half-hour on a resourceful task of developing a university recruitment video. However, as per their analysis, the period of standing meeting typically apply to conferences that are less than one hour in duration.

Why sitting during meetings make us less productive?

The answer is exactly the opposite of the question mentioned above. As compared to standing conferences, people sitting during meetings are less physiologically activated and more likely to guard their individual ideas and contributions. When folks sit down in a conference room, they are accidentally taking an individual space within the room. This really ends up in a territorial mind-set than people who work in a standing meeting.

What are the other aids to make meetings more productive?

While the researchers didn’t analyse other aids to make meetings more productive, they still suspect that having a joint workspace like a huge touchscreen or whiteboard, on which every team member can work on, improves collaboration.

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